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When Jessica's daycare provider couldn't watch the kids for a week, I couldn't wait for them to be at my house for 24 hours.
We packed our day full of adventures. The best part for me was coming home from my run at 5:50am and hearing Amos and Olle giggling in Olle's room. Shortly followed by Lucy and Olive waking up with the exact same reaction: INSTANT playmates.
 drinking my coffee in peace while 4 cousins play
 These 2! I cannot get enough

 Whole crew loaded up to go to the library!
 girl power! nail salon
Irvine Park Zoo

 This tiger was so fun to watch, he was playing around and jumping and throwing that ball around!
 They were pretty mesmerized!
 big kids.
I promised (bribed) ice cream for kids with good behavior. Happy to report everyone received some!

THIS is why I stay home, so I can do stuff like this on random Thursdays in May. I loved growing up and making memories with my cousins, and I hope these 4 will have the best memories of time spent together. Its so sweet to get to call these 2 extra kids my own for a day and to love them with all my heart. 

XO. erica.