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Getting BIG!

Yesterday Lucy said to me, as she counted things off on her little fingers, "Mom, I can:
1. not wear a diaper at night
2. take off my jammies
3. put on my dress
4. buckle my top buckle"

She looked as if she was going to BURST with pride for herself and I wanted to curl up and cry- where did my baby go?!?!?!

 bahaha-- this face is so hilarious to me :)

This morning we went to Caribou/Einsteins for bagels and she wrote her name ALL BY HERSELF and drew a picture of a person for the FIRST TIME. These are huge milestones for me, because I love creativity, and letters and names and to see her concentration was seriously astounding to me.

 SO proud
 "Sister Bear"
She doesn't quite understand that you don't have to keep going around and around for a circle.... we're working on it!

My girl sure is quirky, but boy is she sweet, and smart. I cannot wait to see her little mind bloom!

XO. erica.