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 Let's talk about how fantastic Mother's Day was. Reason #1:
- after getting back from my run Sten made me THIS breakfast... It's a twice baked sweet potato with an egg cooked inside like a little nest with BACON and the best little fruit salad
 - Sten and Olle mowed the lawn while Lucy and I did whatever we wanted
- We spent the morning at the park where the kids got sweaty and worn out 
 - I got to spend ALL day feeling SO loved and special by these 2 cuties.

The rest of the day is undocumented by pictures, but over naptime we took the kids for a 15 mile bike ride, then came home for happy hour on the deck, then burgers for dinner. I really just felt so loved and very very thankful ALL day.
I had a hard time falling asleep last night and then I heard Olle at 11p, I never really go to get him out of his crib, since usually we let them 'cry it out', but I went in there last night and snuggled that little guy until he fell asleep. It felt like the absolute BEST way to finish out a super special day with those who call me mom.

We celebrated my mom Saturday night with church at Crossroads, then a BBQ at my parents. The cousins played and played and we all laughed and ate and thanked God for my mom: the one who taught me how to be a mom. I am in awe of her and hope to have 1/2 the pep and patience she has.

XO. erica.