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OLLE BOY age 22 months.

This boy of ours has got to be our favorite little thing right now. He is 100% dude and I absolutely adore his personality that is beginning to shine through.
 Here he is giving "BOY POW" (boy power fist pump) to Sten. I caught this at JUST the right moment and I think it will be one of my favorites forever! So much expression on one little face.
 He loves to laugh, he loves to be outside (just like mama)... me and him, two peas in a pod
 obsessed with bubbles. I can barely watch him, it just grosses me out so much :)
 And then there's post nap Olle. The orneriest little human on earth.
 But could he be any cuter?!?!?
 He hates having his picture taken, so here he is saying NOOOOOOOOO
 eatin' snacks on the deck. These waves of his adorable-ness just come over me and I cannot handle myself. I take pictures of him all the time, doing the most mundane things.
 Finally into reading books- they must, however contain either: balls, papa bear (bearenstain bears), or tractors/ trucks/ trains.... very particular
What a silly! Boy in a tote. All snuggled up with his blankies.

Olle, you make me so happy. I love being your mama.
XO. erica