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One last batch

We packed up all our kitchen stuff yesterday, so my little helpers and I made one last batch of banana muffins before our baking tins, ingredients, spoons and bowls went into a million different boxes.

I'm not entirely sure the kids understand what is happening... both of them love home, and although I know they will be just fine, I have been praying for peace for them in this transition. My to-do list today is SUPER long, so my goal is to be productive, and present.

Millions of little memories made in this kitchen-- I can't even think about it without tearing up.
On to new counter tops to sit on, new recipes to try, and maybe a bit of discomfort as the change process unfolds.

*smiles and laughter caused by Sten pretending to be Donald Duck... he's really good at it.

<3, erica.