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Summer Love part 3

Last summer update... if you missed one, or two, there they are :)

We celebrated Dad's 60th with an adults only night in St. Paul... it was a blast to be together and so special that we had the perfect night. Love these people.  girl power.  the boys.  my guy <3
Here we are in are new house! FIRST picture, right after we closed! WE LOVE IT!!!!!!! Look at these guys who helped us move in RECORD time. All the love in the world to these people! We've had so much help and visitors, and unfortunately I have been really bad at taking pics, but here's the Dotson crew who stopped over for some front porch sitting!! Our backyard RULES! and so does this pool from Grammy.

Can we take a second and talk about the greatness that is my parents cabin?  First dinner out at the cabin... still a work in progress, getting closer to being done every time we visit.  The kids LOVE the beach... so do I! S'mores! I spy family eating s'mores watching the sunset <3


How is my baby 2? I swear we were just bringing him home from the hospital and completely in awe of him sleeping 22 hours a day. He has entered 2 like a pro, always roaring, jumping, whining, talking, singing, dancing, throwing fits, and keeping us on our toes.

This boy is particular, and slightly ornery, he knows what he wants, but sometimes can't tell you because he is still learning words. He is physical and LOVES to laugh. He is 100% boy, enjoying anything dirty, outside, or having to do with trucks/balls/Mickey Mouse. We love his pout, his smile and his laughter. We all think Olle man is just the best.

Happy Birthday Buddy.


Never grow up, Olle boy.
xo, erica.

Summer Love part 2: Menomonie lasts.

We made a list of some of the last things we wanted to do in Menomonie before moving, and although I'm not sure I documented them all, I think we checked everything off our list. We'll miss our favorite spots for sure.
 We had a few "lasts" at Lucette. This picture just makes me smile. Lucy would not take that band aide off her nose...  Bike ride to the farmers market.  Last step hang out at 729....
 Last park day-- we had it to ourselves!
One more Lucette.... We can't take a family picture if our lives depended on it. last run around the lake and caribou coffee with these two 😥😥 Not sure why I am smiling in this picture, it was such a sad morning....
Excited to find our new hotspots here in Hudson, but I know certain memories are sacred and these are a few of them. Some things you can never replace <3
Menomonie, you were so good to us.  xo. erica.

summer love part 1: Bay Lake.

We finally set up our computer after 1.5 months of having it packed away in storage while we moved. We've had quite an eventful summer, and I cannot believe that it is nearly halfway over :(
We LOVE our new home and have just started the process of painting and making it our own. Our yard is great, and the layout is so perfect for our family. Can't wait for millions of memories to be made here with all our family and friends.

We have spent a lot of time at the cabin this summer on Bay Lake. It continues to be one of our happiest places as a family..... 💜
 Had to stop to snap a pic on my run... running at the lake is pure magic.  We couldn't get a family picture to save our lives-- here's the best of the 1,000 we tried.  firework magic on the dock with Bryce and Ryann. One of my favorite nights of summer so far.  checking Nisswa off our summer list.  COUSIN TIME!!!!!! These pictures tell the story of how our week with 5 kids, 7 and under was.... loud and crazy and fun…