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summer love part 1: Bay Lake.

We finally set up our computer after 1.5 months of having it packed away in storage while we moved. We've had quite an eventful summer, and I cannot believe that it is nearly halfway over :(
We LOVE our new home and have just started the process of painting and making it our own. Our yard is great, and the layout is so perfect for our family. Can't wait for millions of memories to be made here with all our family and friends.

We have spent a lot of time at the cabin this summer on Bay Lake. It continues to be one of our happiest places as a family..... 💜
 Had to stop to snap a pic on my run... running at the lake is pure magic.
 We couldn't get a family picture to save our lives-- here's the best of the 1,000 we tried.
 firework magic on the dock with Bryce and Ryann. One of my favorite nights of summer so far.
 checking Nisswa off our summer list.
 COUSIN TIME!!!!!! These pictures tell the story of how our week with 5 kids, 7 and under was.... loud and crazy and fun!
 Best Pals.
 Where you'll always find Olle.
 Me and my 2 favorite kiddies.
 Whole gang. 7 days, 9 people, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and endless memories.

Great Grandma and the Grands!

xo erica.