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Summer Love part 2: Menomonie lasts.

We made a list of some of the last things we wanted to do in Menomonie before moving, and although I'm not sure I documented them all, I think we checked everything off our list. We'll miss our favorite spots for sure.
 We had a few "lasts" at Lucette. This picture just makes me smile. Lucy would not take that band aide off her nose...
 Bike ride to the farmers market.
 Last step hang out at 729....

 Last park day-- we had it to ourselves!

One more Lucette.... We can't take a family picture if our lives depended on it.
last run around the lake and caribou coffee with these two 😥😥 Not sure why I am smiling in this picture, it was such a sad morning....

Excited to find our new hotspots here in Hudson, but I know certain memories are sacred and these are a few of them. Some things you can never replace <3

Menomonie, you were so good to us.  xo. erica.