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Summer Love part 3

Last summer update... if you missed one, or two, there they are :)

We celebrated Dad's 60th with an adults only night in St. Paul... it was a blast to be together and so special that we had the perfect night. Love these people.
 girl power.
 the boys.
 my guy <3

Here we are in are new house! FIRST picture, right after we closed! WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Look at these guys who helped us move in RECORD time. All the love in the world to these people!
We've had so much help and visitors, and unfortunately I have been really bad at taking pics, but here's the Dotson crew who stopped over for some front porch sitting!!
Our backyard RULES! and so does this pool from Grammy.

Can we take a second and talk about the greatness that is my parents cabin?
 First dinner out at the cabin... still a work in progress, getting closer to being done every time we visit.
 The kids LOVE the beach... so do I!
I spy family eating s'mores watching the sunset <3

It's been a great summer so far!
xo. erica.


  1. Looks like a wonderful summer so far! Love all the photos!!


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