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Summer love. 4

We've been in our new house for almost a month and have about 70% of the interior walls painted. Sten and I are totally the type of people where, if we don't paint it at the beginning, we probably won't ever do it. Example 1 being our bedroom in Menomonie: never got painted the whole 4 years we lived there, and it was something on our list from the beginning :)
So, when we aren't painting the walls in our house, we've been out and about enjoying summer time.
We LOVE the park by our house. I can run with the kids there because its a 3 miler round trip, and that seems like just about my limit pushing 80 lbs... It's been so hot and we love it! Here are the kids with red-hot sweaty faces, taking a snack break on the bench:

They've become little buddies this summer... I mean, they still fight ALL THE TIME, but I see little glimpses of love oozing out of each of them for the other.

The kids love our house. It's fun to watch them learn new ways to play in this new environment. Olle would stay outside 24/7 if we'd let him, and although Lucy tends to want to stay inside more, she has fallen in love with our patio almost as much as I have.

Summer kids

 Speaking of our patio, I think I spend a good portion of my time out here. I've been doing my morning reading, journaling and praying each day and watching the sunrise with my coffee. It's so cozy out there and I find so much enjoyment anytime I get to sit and look out.
LUNCH on the porch with our great friends <3
 SNACKS on the porch with new friends!

We went with our cousins to the Children's Museum the other day and it was SO fun. Olle was asleep before we got out of the parking garage! We ended up getting a yearly membership, so I think this will be a regular hang out for us when the weather gets cold.
There were things that both kids individually loved and I had fun watching them do all of the creative play. I love being close to St. Paul.

My sister bought a paddle board for the cabin and we all had fun trying it out the other day <3
My kids are super advanced... 😉😉😉😉😉

Yesterday we hit up the National Night Out in downtown Hudson:

these 2 boys are just the most handsome ever!

I can't believe it's August. It makes me so sad to think that summer days are getting shorter and soon friends and family will be getting back into their fall school routine. Trying to savor these moments with those we love most.

xo. erica.