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Summer love. 5

For the most part I stay super positive on my blog, I want to look back and remember our best times, and as this tends to be my only form of documentation with the kids, I don't want them to have to read crabby mom posts :)
however, the truth of the matter is that life in the Carlson house isn't always super happy. Church Planting has been the most difficult adventure we have embarked on yet (and we're only a couple months in!). I think that's what made this date night feel extra special. We can't always have detailed conversations at home because the kids cannot handle when we're talking, but by the time they're down for bed, I'm too tired to carry on an important conversation. It is no doubt that during this stage of life we have to be SO intentional about making time for US.
We did a babysitting swap with Jessica/ Mike last weekend and it was the greatest thing ever. Sten and I had a 2 hour wait at San Pedro, so we walked around downtown, and found a patio to sit at. We talked and laughed, and listened to each other, and I didn't really even realize how needed it was until half way through dinner, when I just stopped and thought to myself, 'uninterrupted conversation is a gift right now, and I am so thankful I still want to be sitting accross the table from this stud and having that conversation'!
Loved everything about the night, and I think I will definitely look back and say this was one of my favorite nights of summer.

 dreamy San Pedro patio :)

love you Sten,