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Friday Favorites

This week seemed to creep by, I am in the taper stage for my marathon this weekend, so I feel antsy and somewhat aggitated that I can't log tons of miles in this amazing fall weather. The race is Sunday, so we'll see if it makes my "Friday Favs" next week. 😉

1. Phone calls: I talked to both of these ladies on the phone this week: college friends/roommates who have been there through most every stage of life post college. We live in 3 different states with 6 kids between us, so phone calls and FaceTimes don't happen as much as they used to, but it sure warms my soul when my phone lights up with their picture on it.
 2. This space: a drone photo of our MIDCURRENT meeting area. This is a frequent spot I run, so I have been praying for this space a lot. Trusting that God will bring people there and change lives in a big way.
3. These Maple Pecan Bars.... Really easy. And really tasty. We had Sten's Grandma and Aunt and Uncle over yesterday for Fika and this was…

favorite 3.

When life gets overwhelming and there seems to be no end in sight, my only way to cope is to rely on, and reflect on, the gifts God has given me. These 3 being the greatest of them all:

I feel so strongly that my greatest influence in life are those 2 kids in that picture. I have gifts and capacity to hopefully draw people to Christ, but my first priority is Lucy and Olle. The love I have for them isn't even a fraction of the love God has for them, and I hope they grow up knowing that, and living that truth.

And Sten. He is truly the rock of our family. As I was journaling this morning, I was thinking about how I've never doubted his love for us. He shows us his love in tangible ways and tells us he loves us all the time.

A friend texted me this morning with this nugget of truth:
Psalm 40:3 reminds me God will give me a new song when I make praise the habit of my heart and mouth: "He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the LORD …

What we've been talking about:

Two weeks ago we traveled to Michigan for Sten's Grandma's funeral. We spent about 50% of the time in the car traveling to Chicago, then to Grand Rapids, then back to Chicago, then home all in a 4 day span-- but it was so worth it. It was wonderful to be there with family and special for the kids, too. Funerals and kids don't really mix. I often wonder how I got 2 kids that can't sit still for more than 20 seconds. But the time Lucy and Olle got to spend with their cousins was special. Lucy hasn't stopped talking about Elin and Emi, and Olle and Jonah were little buds, giving lots hugs and kisses. It was SO sweet. I am thankful we were able to be there to honor Gram's life. What a legacy she leaves. I feel lucky to have married into Sten's family-- the people they are, and the love that exists between them all is so inspiring to me.

 "Baby Jonah!"  Pure adoration for these 2 big cousins 💛

Hope we get to Chicago sooner than later so we can see all…

Friday Favorites

Last week I started "things I love". I think I will rename my Friday posts as Friday Favorites, and try to post weekly as an accountability of sorts.
I so enjoy this blog as it forces me to think of all the things I am thankful for in my life and the ways I have grown over the last few years. My first blog post was in 2011... yikes!

SOOO on to my Friday Favs:

1. Lucy's Birthday! We celebrated with chocolate milk at Starbucks, checking out a new park with Grandma and then lunch with gma and gpa.... we came home and had mac and cheese for dinner (per lucy's request) and cake. We LOVED hearing from friends and family throughout the day and I think Lucy felt special and loved from beginning to end.
2. Last weekend we had our friends Joel and Megan and little Henry over for dinner. It was so fun to catch up. Joel and Sten were college roommates and there is no way you can't fall in love with Megan shortly after meeting her. I LOVE this picture we snapped of Olle and H…

willow river.

Even though we are nearing October, it has been sunny and warm and delightful the last week. This weekend we are supposed to hit 90, so it's safe to say Summer fun is still being had. We live about 5 miles from Willow River State Park, and I've been wanting to take the kids here all summer-- we finally made it today. How wonderful it is to adventure with your kids! We hiked around dipped our toes in the water and climbed the 176 stairs to top of the falls. These days are the ones I live for as a mom. I love watching them be brave and encourage each other. Hoping for a few more adventures before the cold weather comes and snatches our spirits. 😉
LOVE THESE 2!  Lucy said: It's so peaceful! I agree.

 eating lunch on the rocks.
 adventure on! The patience it takes to go on walks with kids is always such a struggle for me. I want to be a mom that says "it doesn't matter the time, it's about the journey" but let's be honest, kids are SO pokey. I was walkin…

my big 4 year old.

Why do the years fly by so fast? How is my Lucy girl turning 4 today? I want to freeze time and bottle up her little personality so I can always have a sweet girl to make me laugh and give me a back rub and give me so many snuggles. But I'm pretty sure I said the same thing about her turning 3, so I guess it's true that every stage is more fun than the last.

Lucy is the most imaginative human I've ever met. She can make a game out of putting away the silverware and 40 minutes later is still pretending the dad is the big fork, the mom is the spoon and the 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon is the baby. She keeps us on our toes with her non-stop talking and loves to point out when someone isn't following the rules.  She gets along great with other kids, and seems to be a good little friend. She loves to laugh, and thinks older kids are so cool. She is a good big sister (most of the time), and deep in her heart loves Olle very much. Lately she's been telling him how cute he…

things I love.

friday favs:

summer love. 8: Taylors Falls Camping.

Our new tradition of a last summer HURRAH seems to be an unplanned camping trip over Labor Day weekend. Of course we never plan far enough in advance, so we could only secure one night of camping, but it was totally worth it.

 these 2 obviously had no fun at all... 😉
 We got to our campsite a little later than we'd hoped, after getting everything set, we feasted on cheese and crackers and bread and olive oil. (our favorite meal in the world)  Our campsite was right on the water, and the night was perfect. We were able to really soak in the view. Sten started a fire and we sang songs from our camp days. Hoping these are the memories that last forever. 

 I love looking up and seeing a canopy of trees. morning princess playtime.... why do we have so many princesses?  We set out for a hike after breakfast- The Glacial Potholes were super COOL!

 Lucy, you are one of the greatest joys in my life. I hope you never lose your spunk and you always shine bright.

After the hike we went back…