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Friday Favorites

This week FLEW by, I can't believe it's Friday. It's currently 11:43am, and I have 2 sleeping children (that is because they are both sick)... Not a great start to the weekend, but a break from running around like crazy humans is always nice :) Time for some favorites!



Lucy LuLu

Pretty girl.
We got the best news ever on Monday morning after Lucy's eye appointment. She only has to patch for TWO hours a day AND she can have lens implant surgery at anytime in the next year. This means no more patching and contacts in the VERY foreseeable future.

I am honestly in complete shock. I spent most of Monday sort of weepy and feeling full of gratitude for a God who has completely enveloped this little child of mine in protection. From the beginning of this process not a day went by that she was not brave and bold. I never felt like God had abandoned us, but rather we had been given a gift to see life through a different lens, through Lucy's lens. She never felt less than, she never felt different. She was secure in knowing that she was loved and she was special. I feel like we all walk around with patches and glasses, but only a few of us feel secure, knowing we are loved by God and He made us unique and special.

So, as this process nearly comes to a close, I ca…


We had so much fun this weekend with a 2-night cousin sleepover! We jammed packed it full of activities, which not only wore the kids out, but also wore us out. After we put the kids to bed last night Sten and I were dead-- we sat on the couch and didn't move until our early bedtime.

We did lots of playing, lots of arts and crafts, lots of running around, swimming, barbies, legos, and luckily, since it was nice on Friday we got to hit up downtown and show our cousins Knokes!

I love it when these 4 get to spend time together. Every moment is precious with them, even when it is loud and crazy. What could be better than a weekend spent with our besties?!

xo. edc.

Friday Favorites

How did another week go by so fast? This week has been amazing. So many happy days spent outside in the warm sunshine that finally returned. Some of my favorites today:



Hope your weekend is perfect!
XO. edc.

LAUNCH review.

PHEW! I cannot believe that the planning, preparation, and prayer that has happened over the last 6 months came and went in a single hour. Sten and I were talking about this very statement Saturday before everything kicked off. The amount of time spent on that 1 hour Sunday morning was ALL worth it. I was downstairs with the babies, so I cannot speak from a visual standpoint, but I know it rocked, from the feedback we received and the general feel of the whole morning, I KNOW GOD ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS.
I went on my "prayer run" this morning (which means I run to the YMCA camp and go around the loop praying) and I was weepy thinking about the way God answered our prayers. In so many ways. There were faces I didn't know, kids that were entrusted to our care, and people that were genuinely interested in our next service. I prayed that as we grow wider, we'd grow deeper as well. That God's spirit would be more and more alive within our team and it would be magnetic.


This has been a hard season for me, sometimes you can't explain why you're sad, but it just hits you like a ton of bricks. I know I am not alone in this feeling, but it is quite foreign to me. I have spent the last week trying to find the joy in my every day. In my family, in my home, in the fall colors, but some days I come up short. I have many friends who I love so dearly, and yesterday one of them came through for me in a big way. She texted me at 8 and said she'd be over to play with the kids at 9, so I should be ready to get out of the house to have some alone time and grab a coffee and just sit. It was such a gift. Such an amazing act of selflessness. She had listened when I said I wasn't doing so hot and this act of love resonated so deeply in me. It makes me tear up, just writing the words.
Sten and I often talk about all the ways God has blessed us. We have more than we need, and so much love within our home, that we hope it spills over into all the people w…

Friday Favorites

Friday Favs:

Hope your weekend is full of fall fun and hot coffee!
xo. edc

oh to be 4.

I often find myself trying to get into these 2 little brains... I was a quirky kid growing up, with a huge imagination and I can't help but think these 2 are the same as me. Always ready to play the next thing and giggle their way through it. When does your brain stop doing this? I will be so sad the first time Olive comes over and they don't dive into the costume box within the first 20 seconds.

Childhood is so magical to me- and so fleeting.
Please stay little for a long time, you 2.

xo. edc.


All good things are documented on the blog. So here's the next GOOD, GOOD thing happening in our lives. OUR LAUNCH! We've been praying and preparing and have had more emotions than I thought possible, all in preparation for October 15th @10am.

We cannot wait to see God move through MIDCURRENT. The countdown is on and we couldn't be more excited. I hope you know how much we'd love to see you there as this dream becomes a reality. We are ready for you! The coffee will be hot, there will be TONS of friendly faces and I know that God is ready to meet you at Midcurrent Church! As indicated below: We'll save you a seat!
xo. edc.

Friday Favorites.

Hard not to reflect on my week and think about my Marathon being my favorite part, but since I just wrote an entire post about it, I felt like it couldn't be one of my Friday favs... So here are my other Friday Favorites:

1. Brueggers Bagels Coffee. When we moved to Hudson, Brueggers gave us a card with 90 days of free coffee-- WHAT?! So great. It's been such a great little treat on those days when you want to feel kind of fancy (and have a reason to get out of the house) and get a decaf coffee in the middle of the day :)
 2. This little appetizer concoction. It was light and salty/sweet. Triscuit for the base, then a smear of cream cheese, topped with chopped walnuts and grapes, then drizzled with honey. Slightly time consuming, but these little beauties are sure to make your guests happy.
 3. Knoke's. Have I talked about this place before?? It's an old fashioned candy/ice cream shop in downtown Hudson, and we are just obsessed with it. We can easily walk out of there…

Marathon recap.

I can't believe October 1st is over 😕!! Now I don't have a race to look forward to. The Twin Cities Marathon was just the best. I felt strong and my head was clear. And I just kept thinking, I don't want this race to end.... well, until I got to the hills at mile 22. I'm not sure how I lucked out with the rain holding off, but I'm so glad it did. I loved my cheer squad along the course and crossing that finish line felt like pure joy.

I had so many emotions going into the day. I was super nervous and started to really doubt my training miles. I got to the race start early and the waiting was killing me. But as soon as we got into our corrals I could feel the adrenaline and I just knew I had it in me.

I was shooting for a 3:15, and ended up at 3:12:52. Average pace: 7:22. I feel like that's one of those numbers that will stick with me for a while. I found out yesterday that my name is in the Star Tribune for placing 43rd overall for women. I've always known…

Happy October!

October brings crisp temperatures and crisp leaves
And leaves behind hot days and picnic bees.

October brings everything pumpkin and lots of fright
And leaves behind early morning and evening light

October brings more schedule and routine
And leaves behind swimsuits, for which I am keen.

October brings baseball play-offs and Sunday football
And leaves behind camping, fishing and school shopping at the mall.

October brings new color to the trees
And leaves behind sidewalk chalk, bicycles and skinned up knees

October brings cute kids in costumes and lots of candy treats
And leaves behind patios and barbecued meats.

October, I like you, but I also am sad
Winter is on the way and that is bad.

Haven't written a poem in a long time! I'm smiling to myself because I know I will hear about this from Sten... :)

The last line of my poem is so true for me-- I really love fall, but the impending winter makes me want to cry!! I will just soak up these colorful, crisp days and pretend that t…