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Swedish Pancakes 

I searched my blog high and low for our Swedish Pancake recipe on Sunday night and came up short. I thought for sure I’d posted it throughout the years as it’s a staple in our house (especially around Christmas). Here it is now-- I apologize for the horrible pictures. 

The recipe comes from the infamous “Ada Shawl” whom I’ve never met, but her name is a legend among all of us in the Carlson clan. I make it just as it’s written on the recipe card and it feeds our family. I, of course love to load mine with lingonberry and a drizzle of maple syrup. But you can roll whatever you’d like in these tasty treats.
After pancakes we decorated our house for Christmas. It’s fun to decide where things will go as this is our first Christmas on Robin Lane. The kids were excited to see all the things coming out of bins. Their little people nativity set and the millions of Christmas books we've acquired being their favorites.  Our house feels so warm and cozy and very Swedish with all the decor S…

Friday Favorite. 

Olle woke me up at 4:40am yesterday so I got to enjoy a little more of thanksgiving than the average person. #lucky.....  In actuality, yesterday was my favorite in so many ways. We were at my aunt and uncles in Chippewa Falls, and the whole day was happy, beginning to end.
Wish I would have takenA picture- but I didn’t, so I’ll just say it was 40 people, lots of kids in the mix, 2 trampolines, a hot tub, games, a wintery walk, bocce ball, ultimate frisbee, Vikings game and of course So. Much. Food. I love my family, and my memories of thanksgiving are some of the best of all my growing up. I've decided it’s just as great getting to watch my kids enjoy this holiday, too.

Today is sunny and unexpectedly warm, we’ve been playing outside, and organizing the garage and have loved a slow day at home. We even snuck in a Starbucks date. Shocking.

So this is my Friday favorite. A single picture to say that I’m thankful that these 3 see me at my best and at my worst and still love me.

Weekend getaway 

Can’t believe it’s Tuesday. The weekend flew by with so many great memories I’m trying to just keep them alive.

We dropped off the kids Friday night then headed downtown Stillwater to eat at LoLo. We tried menu items with flavors that made your mouth dazzle and had the best time sharing our plates and talking about our year.
Our waitress was the best and after hearing we were celebrating brought these adorable champagne flutes to toast.

Saturday we slept in, went for a run then headed up north past Taylor’s Falls to a couple wineries. We had the best afternoon eating cheese/ chocolate and drinking wine. The sun was shining so bright and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Sunday: we went to the VIKINGS GAME!!!! I can’t even tell you how fun this was. As someone who doesn’t totally care about Football, this was seriously the highlight of the weekend for me. It was electric in US BANK STADIUM and we just soaked in every play, cheer, chant and point! And the Vikes WON!!

It was the cozies…

Friday Favorites

I can't even handle today... it's the day we leave for our anniversary getaway! AHHHH! I seriously couldn't wait for today to get here, and now I have to tick everything off my to do list before dropping the kids off at 5:30. AWAY WE GO!

All my love this Friday as I head off for an adventure.
xo. e

Almost Anniversary number 9.

I can't believe we're celebrating year 9 at the end month. The time has literally flown by, with a zillion of pictures to show for it. I love being married to Sten. We were just babies when we got married and moved to Colorado and I think we thought we had the world figured out. We knew how to pay our bills and we had our very own little apartment in the foothills in Colorado.

I wish I could tell 22 year old me that it's only going to get better:
That the security I felt then, would only be a fraction of the security I feel today.
That cheering on the one I love most, makes my heart swell with pride.
That with every change (in job, location, hobbies), I've been able to see a better version of the person I married.
That although our freedom has been taken from us (for a season), that makes time away just the 2 of us THAT much more special.

November has always been one of my favorite months, and I think it's fitting that it's when we got married. I get to focus…

Friday Favorites

Friday! YES!!! This weekend is extra special because Grammy and Mim are visiting AND we have our SECOND preview service. The kids have been talking about Grammy and Mim all week long and I'm sure they will be completely bombarded as soon as they walk in the door.

Here are a few of my favorites from the week:

Hope you are looking forward to your weekend as much as I am!
XO. edc.

My boy.

I love one on one time with the kids. They are so unique and I love to spend time doing JUST their favorite thing and listening to whatever they want to talk about. We do a lot of mixed gender one on one time. Lucy loves "lucy/daddy" time and Olle can never get enough of me, so naturally having me all to himself is his favorite thing! I had to go to the grocery store Saturday morning and when I asked Olle if he wanted to come he said, "and go to the coffee shop?" How in the world could I say no to that?!?!?!?! I swooped him up and after the grocery we went to the coffee shop and talked about baseball, and tractors and things that fishy's eat... With a twinkle in his eye this boy makes the world a better place. I love spending time with him, and hope he always wants to go to the coffee shop with his mom.

Love you buddy.

Halloween 2017

We had fun exploring Halloween in Hudson this year. We were a little under the weather, and the temps were on the chilly side, but we all had fun going around our neighborhood trick or treating. It is really a joy as a parent watching your kid be big and go up and ring the door bell. I just couldn't get enough! I kept saying: Just one more house.... :)

A few favs:

Until next year....

XO, erica

Friday Favorites

I'll have to name this one Monday favorites, because, well it's Monday and I'm just getting to this. We had a nice weekend, I can't even recall most of the things we did. Although I know I did 6 loads of laundry, so that always feels so productive.

Some of my favorites from the week:


I'm sort of failing at the the week thus far, I totally spaced Lucy's swimming lessons this morning... let's hope I don't forget any other important events of the week!

XO. edc.

A morning with Great Grandma Kay

A few weeks ago we got to go visit Sten's grandma and have fika with her. If you can see this spread it is more like lunch + a million treats. We started off with candy corn and ended our morning with m&m's. She sure knows the way to their hearts. It is so special to me that we live close to Kay, I didn't get to grow up with Great Grandma's and the fact that they know and love theirs is heart warming.  When it was time to go these 2 didn't want to leave!

Thanks for a great Fika Feast!
XO. erica.