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2017: The year of transititions

As I've been reflecting on 2017, I can't help but feel like it has been a whirlwind of transitions for our family. Nothing has looked the same from one month to the next, and although we all are up for a good adventure, I think we are looking forward to a little more stability in 2018.

We started January, by telling our amazing church that we were leaving to plant a church in Hudson, WI. After putting our house on the market, and having 25 showings, we finally got an offer and closed in June. In between that time, we finished up life at Cedarbrook, looked for a home in Hudson, lived in a friends house for a month, and began gathering a core team of people to help us launch MIDCURRENT church. We moved into our home in Hudson on July 15th, and then started weekly meetings at our house, planning, prepping, and praying for our 3 preview services this fall/winter.... which all leads us to today, where we are 2 weeks away from our official launch on January 14th.
Right now our house…

Friday Favorites

I can’t figure out how to get pictures onto my computer ever since I updated my phone. Therefore my posting has significantly decreased because then I have to post from my phone and that’s just not as easy or fun. We had a good week! Seemed to zoom by, as they all do, especially this time of year. We spent Monday at my moms and I think that was a highlight for me. The kids love being at grandmas house and my dad randomly came home in the early afternoon, so they were doubly excited about that. Other favorites from the week: 1. We had “Christmas in the loft” downtown Hudson on Saturday, and it was such a gorgeous day! The loft was decorated so beautifully and it was fun to be out and about with all the shoppers and events going on. 2. It finally snowed on Tuesday for the first time this month, so we watched White Christmas and ate Swedish Pancakes. This has been a Carlson family tradition for as long as Sten can remember and I love that we’ve carried it on. I remember when we lived in …

Friday Favorites

Happy December! This month I hope to live with intention. Every day setting a goal for myself and for our family. This time of year Sten and I start talking about all the highlights of our year, and I love being in a habit of remembering the good things. The times we laughed a lot and felt secure and loved within the confines of close family and friends. I hope to make lots of memories this December. I hope we can look back 31 days from now, and say: That was a really good month.
SO onward and upward! Here are my favorites from this week.

1. Lucy started swimming lessons at the YMCA and I seriously cannot handle what it's done to me. The amount of pride I have for her is not healthy. I want to tell everyone I meet how good at swimming she is in just 5 little weeks. She absolutely loves it as well. She cannot wait for Monday mornings and asks almost daily if it's a swimming lesson day. I can see why parents love to watch their kids play sports, it is an instant joy-bringer. The…