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Day 20. 

We celebrated thanksgiving yesterday at Lucy’s school. It was super sweet and really fun to see all the kids come in with their little pilgrim hats on 💕
Lucy’s teacher snapped this pic of our little fam. I love how Lucy’s hand is looped around Olle’s waist. Why do they grow so fast?! Thankful for this family of mine. xo. edc.

Day 19. 

Snapped a picture yesterday while downstairs with the kids at church. The big kids always make a tunnel for the little kids to come over when it’s time to sing. It’s just the sweetest little tradition and one of those things I just wanted to document. Being downstairs each weekend has given me a whole new appreciation for what teachers do and what a hard job it is. We have amazing kids at Midcurrent church, and I still have a hard time making the lesson relatable and making sure to connect with the kids. THANKFUL FOR TEACHERS! 
It’s Thanksgiving week! Yahoo! Going into the week feeling refreshed and ready to tackle allllll that’s coming- this time of year always goes way too fast and I don’t want to miss any of the joy it brings. I’m entering this week with a goal to treat my body right and give myself permission to sleep in and enjoy life even if the house is messy. xo. edc

Day 18. 

I missed a day! Ahhh! For good reason-- Sten and I were celebrating year 10 with a stay-cation. Doing things we never get to do. Like go out to eat in the city, binge-watch an entire season of a show, go out for lunch, see a movie and do a cooking class! So as I reflect over my weekend I’m thankful for Sten, and that he chooses me everyday. He is my biggest cheerleader, and always takes my side. He’s grateful for what I do for our family, and he is the first one to point out my positive traits. 10 years married (in 10 days) and so many to come! 
Also thankful for my sister and bro in law, for taking the kids all weekend!!xo. edc.

Day 16. 

I know I’ve posted about Willow River a ton already, but I completed 11/12 of my State Park goal for the year and each season of this park is just so pretty, I’m thankful that it’s basically in my backyard. 
Best part was Grandma joined us, making the trip even more fun. I enticed the kids with m&ms so the walk back up the hill would be slightly more enjoyable. Someday there will be no whining :) I love this special spot and yesterday was just another reminder to me that nature makes me feel good. xo. edc.

Day 15. 

What?!? Half way through November?? I can’t say I’m bummed, we’re that much closer to anniversary weekend, thanksgiving, Christmas, and.... BABY!  thankful for: my friend Patti who made us soup and biscuits and I didn’t have to cook dinner last nightwe ended last night with our fireplace on while we watch This is Us after the kids went to bed
MOST thankful tho, for Lucy’s preschool. Bethel Highlands. We had her conferences last night, and it was just a complete joy to sit there and hear her teacher gush about her. About her confidence, her love of learning, her willingness to participate in song and rhymes, her kindness, and her listening skills. Sten and I are SO proud of this girl. 
Lucy absolutely adores school and I couldn’t be happier about it. So grateful for Mrs. Mollie and for this little community we’ve come to love! xo. edc.

Day 14

I’m thankful today that my friend Hailley let my kids practice being big siblings on her brand new newborn baby. Levi is only 1 week old and he’s just about the sweetest little guy you’ll ever see. 
They’re soooo cute!! Olle loved holding Levi and I think he could have sat there all day. I’m so excited for February!!xo. edc.

Day 13. 

I had a visitor to my quiet time this morning. Lucy never is the first one up, but this morning she ambled downstairs and came to where I was sitting and snuggled right in. We were talking about our day and what I do during these dark, cozy, chilly mornings downstairs. I didn’t want our conversation to end so I said: what are you most looking forward to right now? She responded with: ‘The baby in your tummy to come out.’ I thought for sure she’d say school or Christmas or something, but this girl is so excited for her little brother. I was telling her I’d probably need her help quite a bit and she turned to me and said: "I’m kinda like a teenager, but not" Ahhhh!!! Stop growing up! 😉Thanks for the morning snuggles Lucy girl. You make my world a much better place. 
xo. edc.

Day 12. 

Didn’t get to posting until later today. If I would have posted first thing this morning I think I would have said I was thankful for all of the things I did yesterday-- church, home, IF: table. But now that it’s after noon, I have to say, I'm thankful for Monday’s. For the return to structure and for the mundane rhythm that comes with routine.  I got the breakfast dishes cleaned up, put in a load of laundry, played with the kids, lunch is done and now we’re all just relaxing before bringing Lucy to school. It feels good to have a boring day after the weekend we had. I’m thankful that Monday looks like this for me right now. xo. edc. 

Day 11. 

As I look back over my day yesterday, I am thankful for many things. An early morning, 9 degree, 6 mile run with Kate, a rare morning of getting ready with the house all to myself, an awesome marriage workshop at Midcurrent, and then a drive to Minneapolis for my uncle Bruce’s funeral. That last one seems like something I shouldn’t be thankful for. It was really sad for me to think about Bruce leaving behind his kids, my aunt, and his grandkids, and not being able to experience retirement life on his hobby farm, which he would have loved. I couldn’t contain my tears thinking about heaven, with it’s bountiful gardens to tend to, apple trees to taste from, and the millions of people that Bruce will get to love there. I’m thankful for the time Sten and I spent with my aunt and uncle, when they so lovingly opened their home to us numerous times throughout college and seminary, and fed us, with really good food. All in all, I went to bed last night super grateful for this life I get to cal…

Day 10.

Today I woke up thankful for dinner club. Our group meets together once a month, and it is so special. Something I look forward to immensely. It was our turn to host and we decided on a Swedish theme, since we’re so close to Christmas, and Swedish Meatballs on snowy November evenings just sounded right. We bought Bond-ost cheese, and potatis korv and I made Nancy’s rye bread, cucumber dill salad and Swedish toast, and Kladdkaka for dessert. The food turned out great, but our conversation around the table was better. I can’t wait for December’s dinner club :) 
xo. edc

Day 9. 

We woke up to snow! The first snow is always the best and at 7:30am Lucy asked if I could get her snow pants from the basement so her and Olle could play outside. We fended them off until 8:05, and they headed out. Sten and I joined them a little later and it was actually really refreshing to be outside. I’m thankful today for a fresh coat of snow, that will *hopefully* melt! Haha 
xo! edc.

Day 8. 

Thankful for the month of November. Sten and I got married in November, and I have also always had a fond love of Thanksgiving.
These pictures were taken on our VERY first anniversary when we lived out in Colorado. We had so much fun exploring Colorado Springs. We've always made it a point to do something we love for anniversaries, but this one will always be my favorite. We were such babies, and even mundane travel felt like an adventure.

We are celebrating early this year with a kid-free weekend in about 10 days (but who's counting?).

xo. edc.

Day 7. 

We had such a full day yesterday. On our way home at 6pm, Lucy was remembering back everything we did: "okay, so we made biscotti, then we went and got our new van (!!!!), then we went to ikea, then we went to school, then we voted, then we went to the ymca, went to the store and now we’re going home!" I’ll add in that we had small group last night at our house too. It was an exciting and full day and I could choose about a thousand things to be thankful for, but I snapped this picture in the morning while Lucy was playing:
Look how she set up story time for what she calls her "little cuties"! She is seriously the best. Sten and I tell her all that time that one of our favorite things about her is her ability to imagine anything. She’s always been like this and I hope it lasts forever. I’m thankful for a child who plays and mimics the things she sees from her own little life experiences. We sure are thankful and lucky to have her as part of our family. xo. edc.

Day 6. 

Thankful for quiet mornings. To get my mind on one page and set my intention for the day. I take a look at my calendar, journal and then read until breakfast. It’s my favorite part of my day, and when I miss it, I feel a little off the rest of the day. Ready to tackle the day! xo. edc.

Day 5.

Missed posting yesterday, but as I went through my day, I wish I would have taken a picture of the bread I made in the morning. I’m thankful for my time in the kitchen and that I’m in a stage of life where I can make bread during the day instead of sitting at a desk (although there are definitely days I wish I was sitting at a desk, working!). Day 5✅xo. edc.

Day 4.

Thinking of this dear friend of mine. On day 4, I'm thankful for Emily. Wish more than anything we were exploring the streets of San Francisco or sipping on wine in wine country. Some friends are for life, and Emily is exactly that for me.

Emily, you possess so many qualities I wish I had. You are an incredible friend, one of the most generous people I know, and the intentional way you live your life is inspiring.

xo. edc.

Day 3

I’m thankful today for this trail and the bright sun on my run yesterday. There’s a lot wrapped into this picture. But when I started to think about gratitude I knew for sure this is what I was most thankful for. A body that can move and a day in November where I can run in shorts. Yahoo! 
Also, haven’t touched the Halloween candy for the last 2 days.... resist the temptation! Day 3 ✅xo. edc.

Day 2 

Yesterday was so beautiful. The sun was out in full force against bright blue skies. I thought, let’s walk around the neighborhood! And then I thought, I wonder if any little kids dropped candy out of their buckets from the night before while trick or treating.... the kids and I decided to go on a candy hunt. Lucy brought her spy glass and Olle and I were her "assistants" (she loved this) we hunted around our neighborhood for almost 45 minutes and found 7 pieces of candy!!! As if we needed anymore candy in the first place, but it was seriously fun. I couldn’t stop smiling and thinking this was the best thing we’ve ever done. Haha. I told Lucy this will have to be a new tradition. 
I’m thankful for blue skies and warm sunshine during some of these late fall days. And for kids who are always up for an adventure with mom. Day 2✅!xo edc.

Thankful November 

My goal this month is to be mindful of the things around me and be thankful for them. I will:Search for things throughout my day to be thankful for, take a picture and post a blog each day. Complete the "no-sweets" challenge my mom challenged me to. Tick a couple more boxes in my 18 for 2018. I’ll start with this:
I’m thankful for kids who make holidays so much fun. Seriously. I had the greatest time dressing these kids up as many times as I could and toting them around, showing off how adorable they are. And then the icing on the cake was that Jessica and Mike came over last night and we took the cousins out trick or treating together. It was so fun. A Halloween for the books for sure! And so much candy that I now need to stay away from! 😉 I can do it! Day 1: ✅! xo edc.

a peek into my life. 

I looked at my dresser last night and I couldn’t help but think: what a depiction of what I value and care about all in one space. So here is a window into my world. 1. This was my grandpa Eddie. He was always someone I couldn’t wait to spend time with and he made me feel like the most special kid. He spoiled us with donuts and candy when we were little and then money to go to the outlet mall when we got older. He took us fishing and spent hours with us showing my sister and I how to cast. Being around him made you feel like a constant giant hug, safe and loved. He loved Jesus and his family and I miss him. I love this picture of him. It makes me smile to remember him. And I think this symbolizes how much I care about family. I want my kids to know their grandparents and feel the love they give, as it’s so different than the love I give. I hope they’ll look back with super happy memories of time spent with a generation older and different from them.  2. My last 3 marathon medals. Wish…


Last night Sten had his first men's gathering. When he worked at Cedarbrook he was gone multiple nights a week with church activities. It was draining on us, and when we started Midcurrent we vowed we have more family nights together, and less night meetings.... Sometimes they are inevitable, but, when you start the church you get to decide how you want it to run! Anyway, on top of him being gone I had told a friend I could watch her 3 kids too, so by the time bedtime came around I was ready to crawl into bed myself.... Putting the kids to bed alone, is probably my least favorite thing to do. It feels like I am a broken record of "put on your jammies, brush your teeth, did you go to the bathroom? put on your jammies, put on your jammies, put on your jammies..."I was helping Olle into his spaceship jammies last night and I said we should probably wear socks to bed as well. I picked out a pair of knit socks that he NEVER wears. Instantly he says "I hate those socks&q…

Lucy and Olive 

I feel like I haven’t talked about these 2 recently. It’s school season, and 3 of the 4 cousins are in school this year, so it makes getting together harder with more schedules to coordinate. Lucy and Olive will forever get a joint family party (whether they like it or not 😉). We celebrated 5 with all things ‘my little pony’ and the highlight was for sure watching them open a joint present with 6 big pony’s inside. We all wished we could have captured their faces. 
I know I’ve talked about this before, but growing up with a sister is really special. I wanted that for Lucy, and instead God gave us Olive-- I feel like this may even be an upgrade! These two love each other, they are close like sisters, fight like sisters, and even call each other sisters. I’ve loved watching their friendship grow and can’t belive they’re 5! Pretty soon we’ll be buying them make-up and clothes instead of coloring books and pony’s. 😩I love these two so much! Here’s to wishing 5 is their best year yet! xo.…

10/12 state parks. 

This one goal has been my very favorite 18 in 2018. It forces me to do something different when sometimes I wouldn’t naturally gravitate toward going for a hike. I’m always extremely glad I did, and find the time I spend with the kids hiking around getting easier and easier as the months have gone on. Yesterday Lucy looked at me and said: this is really fun. This is coming from a girl who in January told me: I’m just not an outside girl :)I’ve been doing body pump at 5am with my friend Karen 2x a week, and she is such an intentional person. She asked me as we were standing in the dark YMCA parking lot yesterday at 6:15am what she could pray for me about that day. I thought for a minute and said: I really want to give my kids a lot of attention today. God gave me the best day to do just that. We hiked to the falls, walked up the stairs to the lookout, then made our way back to the car. I didn’t want our time to end so I took the kids to Knoke’s for a treat and we sat down by the river …

Rainy days

I don’t think the sun has been out in 5 days. Summer left with a swift exit and in its place we got the dreariest fall. The leaves are beautiful and Lucy and Olle are all about fall colors right now, but set against a gray sky.... they just don’t have the same pop! Yesterday I couldn’t take it anymore. We bundled up and headed outside in the misty rain and cold for a walk around the neighborhood. We looked for leaves, raced each other, stopped at our little library and came back feeling better than before. Don’t get me wrong-- I still want/ need the sun to shine soon, but forcing myself outside on a not nice day almost makes me feel like I’ve got super powers or something. 
These 2 seem unaffected by the weather. Of which I’m so glad. I get down when cold comes, but they seem to embrace it in a way that’s equally annoying and refreshing. :) I could learn a lot from them. Here’s to hoping the sun comes out today. 🤞xo. edc

 20 min ground turkey soup

I made this soup last night at it truly was a 20 min (or less) soup to make. So easy and really very tasty. Packed with protein and veggies, it was super satisfying. I should have made a double batch, I try to freeze soups so in the winter (or after baby comes) we can pull out a soup and quick heat it up. I’m determined to get my kids to be soup people. We’re not quite there yet, but they always try and usually if there’s a muffin or something to entice them to at least have a small bowl they’ll finish it. Someday they’ll appreciate my cooking. I know it! 
This is not my photo-- it comes from this blog:
There you can find more in- depth directions, but really this recipe is super straight forward-- I used garbanzo beans bc that is what I had in hand, I added a green pepper, an extra cup of broth and more spinach bc I love spinach. Oh! And I didn’t put in the cheese, I let everyone add to their liking :)…

TC Marathon 

Finished my 6th marathon this weekend while pregnant with baby number 3. I made a goal this pregnancy to increase my long weekend run to coorespond with how many weeks pregnant I was. So at 15 weeks, I did 15 miles, 16weeks, 16 miles.... it was a method called "pairing" I learned from a podcast I listen to. Pair something you don’t  like (being pregnant) with something you do like (running). This worked great for me. I looked forward to each long run and seeing what my body could still accomplish. When I got to 18 miles the TwinCities Marathon was only 2 weeks away-- I felt great at my 18 miler and thought: I wonder if anyone is selling their bib on Craigslist. Sure enough! Piper Bain was selling her bib and I bought it from her and ran under her name :) I got texts from friends and family all weekend saying: GO PIPER! 😂 I’m so glad I signed up. It was super fun to run and even though I was under trained (18 miles being my longest run and most weekly mileage around 30 miles…


Yahoo! Friday is here! It was a good week, much of it spent recouperating from the retreat last weekend and loving my family who I missed!! I swear Lucy and Olle grew up over the 2 days I was gone. I got the biggest hugs when I came home. I guess I need to leave more often :) A trip to our favorite grocery store for our TJs staples. Seriously, we love this place. I think it’s because they always have samples and they give you an entire roll of stickers at checkout. 
For Lucy’s birthday she got a princess cake making kit. It was the real deal, with fondant and pearl sprinkles. This little beauty took us over an hour, but look how proud Lucy is!!!!! She told me later it was the highlight of her day! 
Olle made himself a computer out of a piece of cardboard and has been working like Sten all week. It’s so funny. And cute!October update: I’ve made $33.75 in selling things from our basement so far this month!! Whoop!! On our way to a date night! I’ve been sweets free -- except for dinner clu…