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Friday Favorites

It’s Easter weekend! So excited for our first MIDCURRENT Easter and to see all the beautiful faces on Sunday morning. I missed Easter with my fam last year because I was running the Boston Marathon, so this feels like an extra special year, although I also wouldn’t mind being in Boston right now. 😉
This week seemed to fly, for no reason in particular, we stayed busy with the usual stuff, and I just loved all the sunny times I got to have with the kids.


Lucy and I got all dressed up on Saturday and went to my cousins tea party bridal shower in Eau Claire, it was so special to me and I think to her too. Of course cousin olive was there, so it was super fun girl time.
Our Tuesday dinner club included these cuties (Noah + LT) and their mamas. We ate Santa Fe chicken and played and played and played. Love these 3 boys, and how Lucy takes on the role of mother hen when we’re all together.
I sent this picture to Sten on Wednesday with a caption that read “ughhhh, why are they the …

Lemony Hummus.

I'm working through the recipes in my How Not To Die cookbook, and this one is another winner!** We love hummus at our house, and I love that I can make this, and know that these ingredients are all whole, and fresh and healthy.

This hummus is so good- and every ingredient I almost always have on hand.
Lemony Hummus:
makes about 2 cups.
2 garlic cloves, crushed
2 Tbls lemon
1/4 cup tahini
15 oz garbanzo (chickpeas) beans, drained
1/2 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp smoked paprika
2 Tbls chopped fresh parsley, or cilantro

Throw it all in your food processor until smooth. Add water, 1 Tbls at a time if a thinner texture is desired.

**The Black Bean Burgers were not a winner.... I will spare you from trying them :) Lucy just about gagged when trying them, saying "these are....." and Olle finished her sentence with ".....ah-sgusting?" (disgusting) LOL!

Enjoy the hummus with your fav veggies, or if you're like me as your salad dressing for added protein!
XO edc.

Lucy. 4.5

Gosh, I love this girl. She's a fierce, and fire-y 4.5 year old and I wouldn't change a single thing about her. She loves every girly thing she can get her little fingernail polished hands on, and will talk your ear off about princesses or teenagers any day of the week. She's still so little, yet feels so old, maybe because she's our first and so everything she does feels like she shouldn't be able to do that yet... She loves sounding out words, and is convinced I'm wrong when I tell her cute starts with a "C" and not a "Q". She still loves dress up and her babies, and playing family. She can still take inanimate objects and make them come to life before your very eyes, creating an alternative life. Have I documented that she has a whole other family? Where her dad is named "StopSign" and her sister is a teenager who tells her that the way to check if your nail polish is dry is to lick it? She makes our lives pink-er, happy-er, and…


We've always loved having people over, and the fact that we designated an entire room to our 1 piece of adult furniture is telling of our priorities. A dining room was a must when house hunting in Hudson. One home that we almost bought wouldn't have fit our beloved TABLE, and the idea of parting with it was unimaginable for me. Our home feels like a home because of the meals we've shared around our table and the people who we've been able to get to know over carnitas, pizza, curry and enchiladas.

I can't even remember when/why we decided Tuesday would be our night to have people over, but it was a good decision and one I'm glad that we continue to make week after week. I love the way it has become so a part of our life. Lucy asks to set the table and tells me where everyone will sit. She said to Olle last week while I was getting things ready and Olle needed something: "Buddy, mom is getting ready for our company." I love that they are seeing and real…

Friday Favorites. 

It’s been a good week, lots of highlights. 
Another fun hike with the fam last weekend in the sunshine. We’ve been to Willow River so many times over the last couple weeks that the kids have to do the same things each time. It’s cute. Makes my heart full to watch them romp through the sun and snow. 
Love these 2 creative kids. Painting is a favorite at our house and luckily this day I didn’t have to clean up this mess 😉Dentist appointments for both kids this week! Lucy has become such a "first born rule follower", that I didn’t even wonder if she’d be amazing, I just knew it. But Olle has never been to the dentist, and I was a little unsure--  he was too, until the dentist said he could pick out a toothbrush at the end. He hopped up on that big chair, put on those spider man sunglasses and was a totally rockstar. It was so cute! Tomorrow it’s a girls day in Eau Claire at my cousins Bridal Shower. We’re riding out with mom, Jessica and Olive and I know we’ll have  lots of girl…

Almond chocolate truffles 

These are kid and husband tested and they totally taste like a treat! I’m so excited! No sugar added, just the natural sweetness from dates.
Look at these beauties ❤️ 

This is the 2nd recipe I made from my How Not To Die cookbook. The first being Black Bean Burgers that I froze for later in the week (I'll add that recipe after we try them :)

I hope you enjoy these as much as we did! XO. edc

Friday Favorites 

We’ve had a good week, and I’m happy Friday is here! #1.)Sunday night was our monthly women’s event-- IF:table. We meet in the coziest loft above a salon downtown Hudson. We share a meal and talk for 2 hours, about our life, our goals, our faith and whatever is heavy on our hearts. It’s been such a great way to get to this community of women better. #2.)Monday we had Noah and Lilly over for the day. It was so sweet seeing Lucy and Olle with little baby Lilly. ❤️ But I will say, four kids under 4 is not for the faint of heart! #3.)I’ve been working my way up to a sub 20 min 5K and I finally got it yesterday in 19:50! Unfortunately I was on the treadmill, so I can’t really count it, bc the treadmill forces me to run faster, but I’m marking my victory down and working toward faster splits outside too. This is not a favorite, but we didn’t have the best eye appointment for Lucy this week. Her vision went down in her left eye, which we have not yet experienced. I was devastated driving hom…

5 years ago.

Remember when we were just babies, who could take off on our bikes ALL day, head into the city, and wing it? I barely remember that, but these pictures instantly transport me to this unseasonably warm day in March. Five years into marriage, two years into seminary, one and a half years pre-kids.  What were our biggest fears? What were our biggest dreams? I wish I knew! All I know was this was one of those magical days with the one I love most. My favorite person to bike with, explore with, dine with, and do life with. It's not going to be 70 degrees on St. Patrick's Day this year-- but maybe just for a little reminiscing, we'll have to hook up the bike trailer, take a spin around the neighborhood, and throw some green dye in our pancakes. XO. edc.

Right now

It’s hard to remember sometimes what our days look like. What we did, how we spent 7am- 7pm. There was something on instagram a while back where you post everyday moments of your day. I wish I would have done that so that I’d have a time capsule of a day in our life. Everyday is so different over here at 55 Robin Lane, but I’m thankful to be home today as the sun shines. We started play doh on our final rise of our weekly bread making, and here it is, one hour later, bread out of the oven and the play doh game still going strong. Not pictured: me rocking out to Hillsong on my Pandora station. 

The days are often long but the years are short.... ❤️

Grain Free Granola

This recipe is just the absolute best. We instantly fell in love and can't get enough...


I didn't change much, the first time I made it I didn't have the dried cherries or the apricots, so I used craisins and raisins, and then the second time I thought I was buying apricots and I didn't look close enough because I came home with dried mangos... super delicious each and every time. I got my cocoa nibs at the Menomonie co-op when I was there a couple weeks back, and I'm guessing a co-op is cheaper than whole foods, like she suggests in the blog.

ENJOY! xo. edc.

Friday Favorites

Happy the weekend is here and day light savings, which means we *may* luck out with the kids sleeping in later?? I know you lose an hour in the spring, but kids don’t know that! So Olles usual 5am wake up, will now be 6a! Can’t wait! :)  This week went fast. We went to our cousins on Monday for an unexpected snow day, Tuesday got to see Grandma and Great Grandma and had guests for dinner, Wednesday was a home day with a trip to Trader Joe’s and the library, and Thursday we went to see friends in Menomonie! And I got some hours to myself while Gracia came and played with the kids. Seriously, she’s the BEST! 
This girl is a favorite today. Last night she said to me (while tucking her in) “I’m glad God made me” 💕 My heart melted into a puddle on the floor. I hope she feels that way forever. That she always remembers that she’s special, that she’s perfect and that she’s worth it. In this picture she’s tucking in her stuffed animals, being just the sweetest and best little mama. 
We had som…

thoughts about a dream day.

I'm interested in a lot of things: being creative, being adventurous, having close relationships, blogging, summer, but I think top on my list is food and exercise. A dream day for me would include an early morning yoga class, then a trip to Whole Foods, where I would spend an insane amount of money on fresh, delicious food. Breakfast and coffee on the front porch in my yoga clothes, then reading a book about nutrition, or a cookbook/ cooking magazine scouring for new recipes to try. I'd go for a 3 hour run mid day, and then bike to a chocolate shop for some dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I'd shower, do a face mask, then get all ready, pour myself a glass of red wine, and cook dinner, taking my time-- letting the onions get soft, throwing in tons of spices, setting up my cheese board while I sip my wine and chat with Sten. We'd eat the best dinner and then clean up, roll ourselves to the couch to watch a cooking show and then head to bed, where I'd fall asleep …

weekend highlights. 

This was a good weekend. We had fantastic weather, lots of sun, and quality family time. It's rare when we have NO plans for a weekend, so we capitalized on it and ended up really not wasting a second.
I had a freebie at Panera, so Saturday morning we packed up the kids and headed out to split a scone 4 ways. We decided that this needed to be a new family tradition... Saturday mornings at Panera, we had so much fun with the kids, relaxing and chatting away.

Look at my guys! I love this picture :)

After Olle's nap we headed out to Willow River. The kids were awesome-- little legs always amaze me, and I love seeing Lucy being tough, and adventurous!

Spring is coming, I can feel it! And, although it's currently snowing, I know that there will be more warmth than cold from here on out, and I think I can handle that.
XO. edc

Friday Favorites

This Friday favorites is brought to you by Birthday week... xo. edc 💛