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Individual deep dish chocolate chip cookies....

Happy Saturday! I wait for this day all week and then when it's here all I want to do is eeeek out every last minute. Sten and I stayed in last night to watch the OPENING CEREMONIES with what Matt Lauer said some 1 billion other viewers. We are easy to please and I loved every second of it (besides falling asleep through some of the D- J countries). One thing I was really disappointed in was the lack of Spice Girl representation in the 60's- 2000's music dance off. I think they really missed the mark there.
About half way through, I whipped up a Pinterest recipe I have been wanting to try since I pinned it last week- Individual chocolate chip cookie- warm, gooey, fast, DANGEROUS!

These are LEGIT! Sten and I couldn't believe it. I made them during a commercial break! That's why they are dangerous :)
I found the recipe here, and then tweaked it a little because I think her ramekin is a little larger than ours. Here's what I did to make two:
1.5 TB butter, melted
1.5 TB white sugar & brown sugar
few drops of vanilla
1.5 egg yolks
1/3 C flour
3 TB chocolate chips.
mix. divide into 2 ramekins and microwave for 60 seconds.
enjoy warm....

 Other weekly things: Sunday night was the Bachelorette finale and since then I have become OBSESSED with Jef and Emily. I follow both of them on instagram, and I can't get enough of their cuteness! I really think they are going to make it!
Sten and I have a Sunday night tradition of making homemade pizza. We seriously have it every Sunday night- and when there's something like 'After the Final Rose' to keep you entertained, life is GOOD.
On Wednesday after yoga, I came home to lemon garlic tilapia and veggies smelling delicious from the hallway. Sten has really been pulling out all the stops lately. I don't know what I did to deserve this kind of rock star treatment, but I sure do appreciate it!
On Thursday I met Rita at I Monelli for dinner and a catch up session. When you think of a woman in your life that has challenged you, shaped you, loved you and been there through a lot of awkward years- that's Rita for me. We tried a few new things off the menu and sat in the restaurant for hours. It was so fun to catch up.
Yesterday after work I ran home and got caught in a massive sunshower downpour! I felt so great running through the rain, I think it was my best time yet! Then I walked in the door to THESE on the kitchen table:
Flowers, my FAVORITE chocolates from bejio and the sweetest card. I am one lucky girl, I mean, look at that face:
I love him so.

Happy Saturday. Please make the chocolate-chip-delight-indiviual-deep-dish-wonders!

xo. e


  1. That's awesome that you guys watch Bachelorette together! I still need to stream "After the Final Rose" on Hulu. I'm off now to repin this deep dish cookie recipe... looks incredible!


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