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Summer StirFry. Wonder weekend.

This weekend went by so fast and was full of lots of really great things. I realized I needed it to remember some of my favorite things about life and living in the city- and to live in the now.
Summer Stir-fry for our Saturday night dinner party.

 On Friday, on their way back from PLCBC in Michigan, I got to see this little man and his baby sister. I don't know how I got so lucky to have the cutest nieces and nephews, but... I do! Drake is so fun. Sten and I can't get enough of him. He makes us laugh and says the most hilarious things and with that little smile and those long blond locks- I just want to smother him with love.

 This is me in my most happy place on earth. Raine is so mini and adorable.
Brothers and Sisters are so great. Sten and I think the world of B & R. After they sat in traffic coming into the city for 2 hours we went to the Daily for dinner and to catch-up.  Not pictured: #1.) the entire family sleeping in our tiny apartment. #2.) An early morning Chicago run with Ryann, one of my favorite things we do together.
 Sten and I wanted to check out the Evanston beach so we got on our bikes and hit the trail. Unfortunately, you have to pay to get into the luxurious beaches so we opted out and went to lunch downtown instead :) I thought this was a pretty great spot to lock my bicycle.
Holla. Carlson Building.

After literally parking our bikes in the apt. before the DOWN POUR of rain, we got ready to have friends over for dinner. I found Pioneer Woman's Summer Stir-Fry and had to give it a try. Bruschetta also screams summer so we loaded up with fresh vegetables and got cookin'!

 2 of my fav NPU-ers! FYI: Anne and Pete are moving back to the city and Zirk got a new job- all the more reason to get together and celebrate!

 Pete and Anne brought brie smothered in apple butter and wrapped in crescents. so--we had an app party before dinner was ready.
This was seriously the best summer meal. Especially if you like fresh food!
I used: 2 zucchinis. 1 red pepper. 1 orange pepper. 3 ears of corn. 1 C cherry tomatoes. 4 cloves of garlic. 6 basil leaves.

 CHOP. Chop. chop...
 Not the best picture. But this is the finished product- add shrimp last and serve over rice or pasta, or plain.
 Dinner with friends. These table moments are my very favorite in life. Anne. Andrew. Pete. and Sten. I love Sten so much, but somehow I cut him out of this picture! 

This morning before church I completed my 14 mile training run. It was a beautiful morning and I am feeling good... a little tired, but thankful for a body that can run. After church Karoline and I went to the beach. Ummm- is this beautiful or what?!
Can't believe the weekend is over. This week is a busy one- I think I have something every night, but my goal this week is a verse I read during my devo last Monday:
AMEN! xo. e


  1. I had to smile at your "I don't know how I got the cutest nieces and nephews in the world" comment because it is so true! Something about that family, they sure do make cute kids! And wow, I can't believe Ryann goes on early morning runs while traveling with such a young baby! She deserves a medal!


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