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Knock You Naked Brownies.

It is no secret that I love Pioneer Woman. Her recipes are delicious and she makes cooking look interesting and beautiful. These brownies are no exception. They.are.intense! Gooey, ooey, rich and dreamy. These will knock you naked.
 My sissy gave me those measuring cups and I just love using them and thinking about her.
Press half of the brownie mixture to the bottom of a square pan
 Fresh out of the oven and smelling so good already!
 Thank you KRAFT for making everyone's life a little easier.

 After pouring the caramel on top, sprinkle with chocolate chips.
 Press the other half of the brownie mixture into a square
 and then plop it on top.
 Because this recipe doesn't have enough sugar as-is, sprinkle with powdered sugar.
 still hot and goey and oozing out caramel and chocolate everywhere!
Once the cooled they almost tasted better. Seriously. These brownies will knock you naked.

For better pictures, pioneer woman love, and the recipe- click here.

We are about to cozy up on the couch for the Bachelorette Final ahem.  
Highlight of my weekend was sitting at Starbucks with an iced coffee, 2 pumps white mocha, beating Sten at cards and talking.